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Hello world. This February we will be running our first BanterHack hackathon in London.


We're hoping to hold a super chilled out, enjoyable event with no forced theme or requirements.


The goal of the hack is to simply meet new people, learn cool things and build stuff in a relaxed atmosphere.


Nexmo are giving us their beautiful London offices for completely free. In return they're looking for developers to try out their API.

Indee are paying for breakfast on Sunday. In return they're simply looking to give back to the hackathon community and help grow it.

Pusher are paying for dinner on Saturday. In return they're looking to get involved more in helping people build cool things.

Network Locum are paying for lunch on Saturday. In return they’re looking to meet any developers who are looking for their next career move.

Trello are giving everyone a free Trello Gold account. In return they're looking to get more users to try out their task managment service.

Derek Jones is our official sponsor of chocolate. In return he wants to see some really awesome stuff being built!

Mondo are giving everyone a free Mondo card. In return they’re looking for people to try out their banking API and become customers.

Bevis is gifting us with his presence. In return he's looking for people to try out his API and potentially join The Church of Bevism.

Both Cristiano Betta and Joe Nash are contributing to paying for snacks. In return... we're not quite sure what they want.


BanterHack will be held in Nexmo's London offices located only 4.20 seconds walk away from Old Street Station. The venue will be open all night and we'll be working really hard on making the sleeping arrangements as comfortable as possible.

Under 18s are more than welcome to attend, all we ask is that you let us know beforehand so that we can pair you up with someone who has been DBS checked and have your parents sign our parental consent waiver :)


Saturday, February 6th

10:00Doors open (no breakfast)
11:00Opening ceremony
12:00Hacking starts
15:00Raspberry pie workshop
17:00Lightening talks
19:00Mandatory nerf gun war

Sunday, February 7th

12:00Hacking ends
14:30Chiptune performance by 2xAA
15:30Closing ceremony
16:00Doors close

What to expect?

At BanterHack we believe in a stress-free hacking environment, giving you the opportunity to learn, build and share cool stuff.

Don't worry! There's no forced theme or requirements. Feel free to come in and work on your own personal side projects or catch up on university work, just try and make something which you can share with us on Sunday.

See our code of conduct here

  • What to expect

  • Comfortable venue
  • A chilled out hacking environment
  • Good quality food
  • Comfortable sleeping arrangements
  • What not to expect

  • Expensive prizes
  • A competitive atmosphere
  • Startup 'ninjas'
  • Business models

Who are we?

Just like you, we're hackers. We love attending hackathons and hopefully after running BanterHack, we'll also love hosting them. We're not a company, organisation or even a formal group, we're simply 3 hackers called Manoj, Sidd and Jonjoe.

BanterHack is our own take on what we look for in a hackathon. Most events until today have been great, absolutly fantastic actually, however there's a few slight changes we're making to make the entire experience a little bit better.

We're really big on transparency and are doing something really scary by opening up all our finances for the event here. We'd love to hear any feedback you have, so feel free to ping it over to us here. It's our first hack, so go easy on us